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Full Name: Emma Mullenweg
Date of birth: January 1, 1868
Place of birth: Houston, TX
Current age: 156
Father: Carl
Mother: M. Dora Hendricks
Siblings: C. F. Mullenweg
Henry Fritz Mullenweg
John M. Mullenweg
Kate Mullenweg
Lillie T. Mullenweg
Louis Charles Mullenweg Jr.
Pearl Mullenweg
William H. Mullenweg

We don't know much about Emma yet, in fact the first mention of her that I've ever seen in in a copy of the Mullenweg/Sojourner family bible that Birdie Brogdon sent me. I'll look into her, and see what I come up with!

Currently we're missing the following item(s): middle name, and possibly more. If you have any additional information at all please let us know!

I know more about this person!

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