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Full Name: William H. Mullenweg
Date of birth: January 1, 1870
Place of birth: Houston, Harris County, Texas
Date of death: July 13, 1927
Age at death: 57
Place of death: Houston, Harris County, Texas
Father: Carl
Mother: M. Dora Hendricks
Siblings: C. F. Mullenweg
Emma Mullenweg
Henry Fritz Mullenweg
John M. Mullenweg
Kate Mullenweg
Lillie T. Mullenweg
Louis Charles Mullenweg Jr.
Pearl Mullenweg

I have seen the middle initials as \"S.\", \"H.\" and \"F.\", so your guess is as good as mine as to which is correct. I\'m putting it as H. here because that\'s how it\'s written in the Mullenweg/Sojourner bible.
Served in the Spanish American War
Occupation: Painter
Buried at Washington Cemetery in Houston, Harris County, Texas

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