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Full Name: Harry “Poppy” Michael Hageney Sr.
Date of birth: September 7, 1882
Place of birth: Ashtabula, Ohio
Date of death: March 24, 1965
Age at death: 82
Place of death: Harris County, Houston, Texas
Married to: Louise Anna Hill on August 9, 1922
Edna Mae Owen on June 26, 1906
Father: Patrick H. Hageney
Mother: Kate Connell
Siblings: Jack Hageney
James Francis Hageney
Johanna C. Hageney
William Hageney
Children: Elizabeth Anne Hageney
Harry Michael Hageney III
Edna Hageney
Harry Michael Hageney Jr.
Mary Catherine Hageney
Melva Josephine Hageney

When they died Edna was 55, Mary was 57.
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