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Full Name: Harry Michael Hageney Jr.
Date of birth: January 1, 1912
Place of birth: Ashtabula, Ohio
Date of death: May 8, 1919
Age at death: 7
Place of death: Ashtabula, Ohio
Father: Harry “Poppy” Michael Hageney Sr.
Mother: Edna Mae Owen
Siblings: Edna Hageney
Mary Catherine Hageney
Melva Josephine Hageney
Step siblings: Elizabeth Anne Hageney
Harry Michael Hageney III

My Grandmother tells a story about Harry, Jr.: He and his father used to take walks past a cemetery in Ashtabula, and he would always tell his father how much he liked this one angel that was on one of the monuments. When he died, his father contacted the family that owned the angel, and convinced them to put it on his son's grave where it rests still.

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